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Dead or Alive 6 Unveils The Muscle

A new stage and three characters were shown in a new trailer for Dead or Alive 6 today. Bass and his daughter Tina gathered a group of reporters to unveil The Muscle team name and stage. It’s a ring with electrified ropes and plenty of pyrotechnics . Both Bass and Tina have powerful throwing techniques, so expect some sizzle if they catch you. With some shared moves, Bass loves his daughter, and he is training her to be the best.

The third character, Mila, is Bass’s rival. “The Hot-Blooded Champ” is a mixed-martial artist. She uses tackle moves to put her opponents down and will be gunning for Bass. From the trailer, Tina may not be entirely loyal to her father. Oh, the drama of wrestling.

Check out the trailer, and get ready to rumble when Dead or Alive 6 releases on February 15th.

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