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Dead Star Update Version 1.05 Live on PS4

A new update has been released for Dead Star on PS4. The new update, version 1.05, brings a fair few changes, balances, tweaks and other features to the multilayer space shooter.

It’s not a massive patch, thankfully, and it’ll only take up 189MB of precious hard drive space. The full patch notes are below.

Dead Star Update Version 1.05 Patch Notes


Added improved support for variable MTU ranges, which should fix inability to connect and “ping too high” disconnects for most players.


Justicar – Lightning Cannon – Lowered the heat capacity of the Lightning Cannon from 4 seconds to 3 seconds. Damage per second remains the same.

Fixed visual issues with certain paint styles on ships.


Removed the second set of Guardian AI that spawned around high level Sensor Relay and Research Station Outposts, to make it easier fr Scouts and Raiders to attack these Outposts.


The Conquest Mode Cannon Control HUD display now shows a title label and event prompts for events that change the cannon control rate.

Added icons that mark Developer Accounts in love  y and scoreboard displays.

Small visual Polish fixes to various UI elements.

Capital Ship Escape Run

Fixed a bug where players on the opposing team wouldn’t get an Assist credit when a player damaged a Capital Ship.

Fixed cases where Guardian AI ships in Crisis and Exploration regions would not be levelled up based on the current jump count of the escape run. Increases the overall level of Guardian AI ships in escape runs.

Changed send set of Guardian AI to only spawn on Level 4 Capital Ship Structures.

Changed primary set of Guardian AI on Capital Ship Structures to be commandeerable.

Removed Defense Down debuff on Capital Ship EMP Cannon.

Lowered number of shots on the Capital Ship Orb Cannon from 3 to 1.

Added wider randomisation on Large Ore Asteroid regeneration in Capital Shop sectors, to encourage more exploration.

Added Structure Level Indicators to the Capital Ship Status Display.

Added Captain portraits to the Setup and Lobby screens of Escape Runs.

Added text that recommend’s 5 player squads for Escape Runs.


Improve Guardian AI’s avoidance of the electric bolt environmental hazard.


Added more support for love tweaking event options.


Crash and stability fixes for client and server.


Fixed an edge case where squads could be balanced incorrectly in the lobby.

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