Deadly Days

Deadly Days Available Now on PlayStation and Xbox

Lock ‘n’ load in this wacky 8bit Zombie Apocalypse.

Following a successful run on PC and Nintendo Switch rogue-lite zombie shooter Deadly Days is finally releasing on PlayStation and Xbox, today, as a matter of fact.

Developed by Pixelsplit Games, Deadly Days offers a unique take on the survival genre, standing out with its bright 8-bit style art design and opting to take things in a more humorous and satirical direction while implementing strategic elements.

The objective in Deadly Days is to manage and protect a group of survivors in the midst of a zombie outbreak caused by the population indulging too much in fast food and developing an overreliance on fresh meat – a not so subtle prod at the modern food industry.

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There are plenty of wacky power-ups, in-game items, and unique characters to come across and if the trailer below is anything to go by it looks like a grand old time. Players will have access to a base that can be expanded to include a green room and mechanics room which can be used to craft crazy and unique weapons with specialised modifications.

Procedurally generated cities and missions will also add to the replay value along with over 25 weapon types and randomly generated mods. Over 60 items and tons of special abilities can also be discovered to give you an edge and be a deciding factor in any battle. There are also 10 unique enemy types to go up against and over 30 survivor skins to choose from.

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Deadly Days is available to download now for PS4 via the PlayStation Store and Xbox via Microsoft Store. If you’re quick you can even take advantage of the 20% launch discount and if you want to try before you buy then a playable demo is available on both stores.

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