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Deadly Robots and Awesome Music Featured in Generation Zero Release Trailer

Generation Zero gave us a fancy release trailer today, and it looks good and sounds even better. As a four player co-op game set in 1980s Sweden, you will face robotic enemies and try to discover why they invaded the home of Absolut vodka. The trailer displays an assortment of enemies from the smaller, creepy crawly variety to the loud and proud, ground shaking enemies that may take a few tries to defeat.

Scavenging is part of the game, so you will want to source more than a pistol. Multiple weapons are shown, and it’s a nice assortment of projectile spraying devices. There is a machine gun, a long range rifle, and a heavier sniper rifle. We also see a grenade and explosive materials in the world, perfect for when you can lure an enemy into a trap.

The music in the trailer is excellent, so I’m hoping that it is directly pulled from the game. It has a heavy synth sound that reminds me of Blade Runner and some of Stranger Things. Both were made or set in the 80s, so that makes sense. Give it a listen, and see if you don’t love it too.

Generation Zero is an open world, co-op shooter from Avalanche Studios, and they seem to be pretty busy right now, working on this and Rage 2. Generation Zero is also using their Apex Engine. It will have real-time weather, day/night cycles, complex AI, persistent enemies that reflect the damage you gave them last, and other improvements to make the shooting and sound be as realistic as possible.

Check out the trailer (at least listen to it), and you can pick up Generation Zero when it launches on March 26th.


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