Deal: Firewall Zero Hour PSVR Aim Bundle Reduced to $59.99

Deal: Firewall Zero Hour PSVR Aim Bundle Reduced to $59.99

If you’ve read my personal Game of the Year list then you’ll know full well that I’m a big fan of First Contact Entertainment’s Firewall Zero Hour on PS4/PSVR. It’s a fantastic team-based shooter where teams of four must co-operate to either defend or attack an objective.

Think Rainbow Six Siege in VR and you’ve basically got Firewall Zero Hour, though a little dumbed down to accommodate the PSVR’s shortcomings. Still, it’s the best shooter available on PlayStation VR and you can get it for a decent price thanks to Amazon’s current offer.

Normally a copy of the game and the PSVR Aim controller (which isn’t required but it highly recommended) normally costs $80. However, the online retail giant is currently flogging the game and gun bundle for just $59.99. That’s a bloody steal. For reference, I bought my PSVR Aim controller bundled with Farpoint for 99.95€ – but it was worth every penny.

There’s no telling how long this promotion will last so if you’re interested then you’re best off putting your money where your mouth is sooner rather than later. No need to thank me – just don’t shoot me on the battlefield. Please.

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