Deal: Gran Turismo Sport is €30 in German Supermarket

Ach du Heiliger sheisse! Was haben wir hier, denn? Alright, enough showing off – we’re an educated bunch here. Well, most of us… But the point is that Germans will find this deal to be ganz gut.

Gran Turismo Sport for PS4 retails at the ridiculously high price of 74.95€. However, German supermarket Real is flogging copies of the game for just 29.95€ – Day One editions, too.

The offer is running in stores until end of day November 18th, so if you’re living in Germany, get some GT Sport with your leberwurst and have yourself a cracking weekend.

As to why the price offer… Well, according to the clerk at the store – a fellow gamer – GT Sport hasn’t been selling that well, so this is an effort to shift old Day One stock. Not that this editor is complaining. Lecker.

GT Sport, toilet paper, and three pizzas. A messy weekend is on the cards.

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