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Deal: Guitar Hero Live on PS4 is Just $30 on Amazon, $26 on PS3

Bargain alert: Activision and FreeStyle Games’ excellent Guitar Hero reboot is going dead cheap on Amazon right now. According to Activision and its quarterly trade calls, Guitar Hero Live didn’t live up to expectations and failed to sell as many copies as the publisher had hoped.

Might be something to do with the price… We can’t say for certain that’s why the bundle has been reduced, but Amazon is flogging the PS4 version with the guitar controller for a mere $30. Yikes, that’s gotta hurt those who paid full price on release.

It’s a decent game, and even though it’s riddled with micro-transactions, it’s not all bad. Bottom line is that for $30, you could certainly do a lot worse. Be quick, though, as we expect these will sell out pretty darn fast. And if you’re not a PS4 owner then the other editions are also going quite cheap, too.

Is this the price you’d pay for Guitar Hero live, or are you still not sold on the idea of a new Guitar Hero? Strum down to the comments and let us know. 

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