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Deal in Deutschland: Buy Days Gone for PS4, Get God of War Free

Sony Bend’s Days Gone may not have had the best start to its shelf life, what with the mingling reviews (ours was really positive, mind you.) Have the negative reviews had an adverse effect on sales? Maybe, but that’s not for us to care – we’re not stakeholders. All that matters to us is that some stores are keen to get rid of their inventory and that means good deals for us as consumers.

Here in sunny Germany (it’s actually raining) there is a pretty good deal going down in the national supermarket Real. The store is running an offer from today where you can get Days Gone and God of War for 67€. That’s a bargain. Days Gone costs 67€ alone at Real, so you’re essentially getting God of War for free. If you’ve sat out these two PlayStation 4 exclusives but have an interest in them, now is the time to bite the bullet and pick them up whilst you go shopping for fruhstuckfleisch.

This is a national deal, as confirmed by the retailer, and managers at both of my local stores confirmed the offer will run for the rest of this week. However, it may also run into next week, but there’s always the chance it’ll be pulled before then, so if you really want to take advantage of this discount you’d better act fast. The offer is also available online at the official Real website, though it does state that the offer is “nur heute” (today only.) Flip a coin?

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