Deal: Robinson: The Journey is $40 on Amazon, $20 Cheaper Than Crytek Announced

Deal: Robinson: The Journey is $40 on Amazon, $20 Cheaper Than Crytek Announced

Did someone say ‘slow news day’? Yes, it must be a bit of a slow one for us to be posting a single deal, but we reckon this one is pretty relevant to the PSVR crowd that’s hungry for more games.

Last week, Crytek announced in a press release that its upcoming PSVR game, Robin: The Journey, would cost an eye-watering $59.99. Naturally this rubbed some people up the wrong way as Crytek also confirmed that the game’s running time is around the three-hour mark. While we don’t know if the game is truly worth the price of admission, we do know that you can get your copy much cheaper than originally thought.

Online retailer Amazon has the game up for pre-order at the reasonable price of $39.96 – just over 20 American bucks cheaper than the studio announced last week. It might still seem a little expensive, but if you’re hungry for new PSVR game (we are literally starving here) then it’s certainly easier to swallow.

Robinson: The Journey is on PS4/PSVR this November 8th in North America, and November 9th in the UK and Europe.

Are you a PSVR addict? Are you hungry for more games? Is this on your list? Are we asking too many questions? Answer them all down in the comments section below.

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