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Deal: Save £250 With This Mega PS4 Pro 1TB PSVR Bundle With 6 Games

This isn’t going to be for everyone, but if you’ve got £759.99 sitting around for a rainy day, then perhaps you’re the kind of person Costco UK is targeting.

The bundle includes a PS4 Pro 1TB console, the PSVR headset with a camera, two PS Move controllers, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Tekken 7, Farpoint, WipEout Omega Collection, PlayStation VR Worlds, and Project Cars. The total cost of buying these all separately is well over £1000*, so it’s a fairly decent offer, or at least we think so.

Still, it’s a lot of money to plonking down in one transaction, but it does at least give us hope for more competitive bundles to come this year.

*Based on UK retailer GAME for non-preowned items. 

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