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Deal: Sony Offers PS Now Subscription for £1 to Lapsed Subscribers

Sony is making a push with its streaming and download subscription service PlayStation Now. The platform holder is trying to tempt customers who have let their subscriptions lapse by offering a month’s subscription for just £1.

Think of it as a welcome back offer, and then once the initial month is up you’ll be back to paying full price.

PlayStation Now offers over 600 games that span PS4, PS3, and PS2 Classics. PS3 games must be streamed, either via PS4 or PC, while PS2 Classics (the ones releases on PS4) and PS4 games can be downloaded and played like regular games. If you tried it when it first launched a couple of years ago but haven’t kept up, you can’t go wrong for £1, so check your emails to see if you’ve been sent a welcome back offer.

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