Deal: Star Trek: Bridge Crew for PSVR is Just £20 at Tesco (Pre-Order) [Updated]

Deal: Star Trek: Bridge Crew for PSVR is Just £20 at Tesco (Pre-Order) [Updated]

Update: Bah humbug. It looks like this was just a pricing error on Tesco’s side as the price has now shot up to £42. Bugger. Well, let us know if you managed to place an order and if Tesco will be honouring it.

We aren’t sure if this a pricing error by Tesco, or perhaps a loss-leader to get people in the door/on the shopping site, but the UK supermarket chain is offering Ubisoft’s upcoming Star Trek: Bridge Crew for PSVR for just £20.

To put that into context, Amazon and GAME have the titled priced between £30-£40, so there is definitely a saving to be had with Tesco. However, as with all great prices, it may be too good to be true. You can place your pre-order in the hope that Tesco honours it, but there is an equal chance the order will be cancelled and your money will be returned.

No risk, then, and best-case scenario is that you might end up saving a few quid, worst-case is you lose nothing and gain nothing.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew will be out early next year after being delayed by Ubisoft last week.

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