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Deal: Titanfall 2 Drops to $29.99 3 Weeks After Launch

Back in October, EA released Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 a week apart. Due to mediocre sales of Titanfall, gamers are getting an insane deal on an amazing AAA shooter ahead of Black Friday. One would question why EA in all their glory decided to release two of its biggest games in such close proximity when it’s sure to damage one or the other. Alas, a corporation’s cock-up is a gamer’s saving grace when it comes to getting a decent game on the cheap.

Today, Amazon and Walmart  are both offering Titanfall 2 for $29.99 just some three weeks post launch. Your author here for this article actually picked up a copy by braving the perils of Walmart, and has since given it a thorough play on the PS4 Pro – it looks incredible, especially on a 4K display.

If you’re still not convinced that Titanfall 2 is worthy of your purchase, go and read the glowing review that Pure PlayStation‘s very own Dom O’Leary wrote a couple of weeks ago. He seemed to find it enjoyable, and he’s not even that good at shooters…

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