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Deals: Dead Rising 1 and Dead Rising 2 are $15.99 on PS4 – Amazon Prime

It’s been almost a decade since Dead Rising first reared its head on Xbox 360. Way back then, Dead Rising was an Xbox 360 exclusive but Capcom has recently announced that the original and its successor, Dead Rising 2, are coming to PS4 on September 13th.

They’re fairly cheap as it is ($19.99) but Amazon Prime members can get their hands on the zombie brawlers for just $15.99-a-piece. Not too shabby, eh? That’s a $4 dollar saving, just incase your maths skills are a little rusty.

As these are pretty cheap, we’re not going to expect any radical changes to the way the games play, nor do we expect the full-on remaster treatment that we’ve seen in some re-releases over the last few years. Marvel Ultimate Alliance was not one of them.

One thing this particular author will be looking forward to is playing Dead Rising 1 and being able to read the bloody text on the screen. It will truly end 10 years of resentment.

You can get Dead Rising 1 and 2 here from Amazon. Non-prime members will enjoy 0 discount.


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