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Death end re; Quest 2 Announced, Coming to PS4

The latest issue of Famitsu has revealed plans for a Death end re; Quest sequel. And it may be coming sooner than you think, if talk of a PS4 release is to believed.

That’s because we all know the PlayStation 5 is sitting somewhere just over the horizon, ready to pounce.

The original sees the player trapped within a game that they must manipulate in order to escape. But as with all RPGs, this virtual world is fraught with dangers, and your survival depends as much on your sleuthing capabilities as it does on your mettle. We assume the second will follow a similar theme, where reality and fantasy are no longer distinct realms of existence.

Compile Heart revealed that the second’s story will be crafted in a way that welcomes newcomers to the series, without the usual confusion that comes from not playing the first. This will be penned by Makoto Kedouin. And a new heroine will be taking the lead, brought to life by Kei Nanameda.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait for further news as to whether Death end re; Quest 2 will enjoy a worldwide release. But there’s no reason why it wouldn’t; the first is available now on Amazon UK and on the PlayStation Store, along with a Limited Edition version on Iffys Europe Store.

Are you glad to hear it isn’t the end;re? Give us your best real virtual comment in the box below.

Source: Gematsu

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