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DEATH END RE; QUEST Lets You Switch Genres for Fights

DEATH END RE; QUEST is an interesting game with a somewhat confusing title. The main character,Arata Miznunashi, is a programmer that was working on a cutting edge VR MMORPG called World’s Odyssey (WOD) with Shina Ninomiya. When Shina disappeared a year ago, WOD stopped production, and the project closed.

Arata has discovered that Shina is actually trapped in WOD and needs his help to escape. Something is keeping Shina hostage in the world, and escape is only possible by finishing the game. The developers took the “git gud” approach to the game, because there is only a 1% chance of actually finishing the thing. It’s also filled with bugs, so you can insert your own joke about which developer you think made it.

Shina is the only player, but the world is not empty. You will encounter NPCs, learn new skills, and fight monsters. This is where the game’s most unique feature is highlighted. In your turn-based fights, you can switch the genre. You can choose a platformer, so you have to step on your enemies. You can play it as an FPS. Screenshots on the official site show at least six different genres of games, even though I can’t see a definition for each one.

There should be plenty of mysteries to unravel as you try to help Shina escape and determine why this game world is still rolling after development stopped. You will need to switch between the virtual and real world for some of those and make decisions that impact the ending of the game.

Check out the trailer for a look at the visuals and story. DEATH END RE; QUEST will release on Feb 22nd.

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