Death Stranding is Still Getting Trailers, Learn What Equipment Does in the Latest One

Death Stranding has been out for over a month now, and yet we’re still getting trailers. It’s either a testament to just how much there is to learn about the game, or the marketing department at Sony has a massive Death Stranding fan within its ranks.

The latest trailer is all about the equipment you can use in the game. If you’ve already taken on the desolate wastelands of Death Stranding, this isn’t for you. I should hope that anybody who has played more than a couple of hours will already be aware of what the equipment does.

This is for newcomers and those who’ve not bought into the game yet. It’s not an exciting trailer by any means, but it’s informative and worth a look if you’re still researching whether the game is for you or not.

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Yesterday saw the release of another trailer, titled ‘Thriller Short Trailer’. You can have a gander at that one down below. It’s a little more interesting than watching Norman Reedus lug around boxes.

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