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Death Stranding Launch Trailer is the Longest Launch Trailer of All Time

Nothing is ever simple with that Hideo Kojima, is it? He couldn’t even quit his job at Konami in the same fashion that most people do. Will I get any column inches when I flip my employer the bird and walk into the sunset to work for a rival shoe company? Probably not, but that’s because I’m a nobody. Anyway…

To celebrate the upcoming release of Death Stranding on PS4, Sony and Kojima Productions have released a brand new launch trailer, though it’s a little different to the norm. Of course it is…

Rather than the trailer being a brief rundown of what to expect, we get an eight-minute feature. That’s like, what, seven modern launch trailers in one, right? I’ve watched it through twice and I’ll be honest: I’ve still no idea what the hell Death Stranding is about. The trailer is embedded up above, and you’re free to give it a go yourself. If you can figure out what’s going on with Norman Reedus and co, please do let me know.

Death Stranding will release on PS4 this November 8th, 2019.

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