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Death Stranding Launch Trailer to Be Shown This Weekend

If you’re on a media blackout for the upcoming PS4 exclusive Death Stranding, this won’t be of any interest to you. Or maybe it’ll be the hay that broke the camels back and you’ll finally stop starving yourself of Death Stranding promotional material. C’mon, you know you want it.

The launch trailer for Kojima Productions’ PlayStation debut title will come as early as this weekend, according to Belgian convention FACTS, where Sony will have itself a booth dedicated to all things PlayStation.

The official site states that the launch trailer will be shown during the weekend and it will be a trailer that has not previously been seen before. A launch trailer. Considering the game is releasing early next month with reviews set to come out on November 1st, it makes sense that the launch trailer will be shown soon.

Source: FACTS, via Resetera

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