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Death Stranding On PC Has Some Potentially Exclusive Extras

Death Stranding

Death Stranding was never going to be a PlayStation exclusive forever. That we knew since before its release. And now we know we’ll have to share the video game with PC users from June 2nd, 2020. However, this latest sliver of news comes with the disappointing addition that the computer version will consist of a number of extras – as standard. Additional content that the console format will probably never get to enjoy. So, I ask you, is it right that sales on additional formats are coaxed with exclusive extras? And do ‘Day One of Version 1’ sales mean nothing to these companies?

I’m hesitant to answer that it appears not. But Hideo Kojima may yet prove me wrong.

My disillusionment comes as both a photo mode and Half-Life collaboration were detailed for the PC release. The former of which should have been a Day One patch-in feature on the PlayStation, considering its popularity in today’s market. Yet, here we are, months down the road, without any suggestion of its inclusion.

Only information pertaining to its availability to desk-bound players…

I mean, it makes little sense to not offer the feature in a future update. It must be one of the easiest changes to make compared to how complex the game is as a whole, and it would make such a positive impact on the overall gaming experience. But then the question remains as to why it hasn’t been added to date? Something that implies, to me at least, that it isn’t on the roadmap for Death Stranding PS4.

But, I could be wrong – and hope that I can tell you that in a future news article.

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