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Death Stranding Patch 1.05 Improves Performance, Whatever That Entails

Death Stranding might have been in development for years, but that hasn’t stopped the game from needing a handful of updates since launch. And the latest, patch 1.05, is now ready to download. Just don’t expect a long list of specific improvements.

That’s because the baby sized update – approximately 1GB in size – barely comes with an explanation. Instead we are simply told it encompasses “various performance improvements”. Which sounds a bit like Sony’s long-term obsession with stability, eh

But in all fairness, gamers have been very complimentary about the release. It has run very smoothly on the various PlayStation 4 consoles – even working flawlessly on the base model. And the only recurring issue some have reported is in the online mode, whereby they’re booted offline a few times due to server instability. But apart from that, they’re happy. Especially compared to some releases this year.

It’s that level of polish that probably explains why this Death Stranding update isn’t very big – in file size or patch notes. So it’s a sign of quality, really. And that’s not something that’s guaranteed these days, even with the bucket load of money they spend on these releases.

I doubt we’ll find out specifically what this patch does, but if I do, you’ll find this article will be updated accordingly. In the meantime, how about sharing your opinion on Death Stranding in the comments area below – was it worth the wait?

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