Deathloop Gets Delayed Until September as PS5 Setbacks Repeat Themselves Again

Deathloop is a game that sees you going round and round again. But here we are reading about yet another delay affecting the PlayStation 5. Are we actually stuck in a never-ending cycle of hype and hope followed by bitter disappointment? It certainly feels like that at times…

Deathloop is the latest PlayStation 5 game to be delayed, seeing its launch pushed back from May until September 14th. In the meantime, we’re left playing a lot more “last generation” games on the latest hardware, wondering what else we could have spent the money on. Still, it’s better than getting a broken game on launch day – and that is something we can’t overlook given, recent releases.

The development has been blamed upon further coronavirus complications as there isn’t yet a vaccine that can protect the video games sector specifically. Also, the developer is defiant on retaining – and achieving – its original vision for Deathloop. So, to ensure no-one is left disappointed and out of pocket, the decision has been made to devote a little longer to the game.

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Although, past experience has shown that isn’t always enough…

It sounds as though its ambitions are great, however, which partly explains the choice that’s been made. And that gives me a little more confidence in what can actually be achieved in the extra 12 weeks or so. After all, you won’t enjoy long lasting success in this industry by breaking promises. Nor will a half-finished project win you any awards. So, it’s in everyone’s best interests for Deathloop to come out alive and kicking. Or as the team put it themselves,

“We’ll be using the extra time to accomplish our goal: create a fun, stylish, and mind-bending player experience.”


Amongst the apology was also a promise of further information being released soon. So, once you’ve wiped those tears from your saddened face, how about keeping an eye on Pure Playstation for new footage and the like? We’ll be sure to bring it to you as soon as it drops!

Source: Twitter

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