Deathloop Release Pushed to Q2 2021

Next year may be one of the best years in gaming, because everything is getting pushed out of this year due to the pandemic. Announced on Twitter today, Deathloop is the latest game to have a delay. Arkane Lyon provided the reasons you expect. It’s harder to work on a project like this from a distance which takes more time. They also want to ensure employee wellbeing. It all makes sense, and only an unreasonable person is making a fuss at this point.

On the flip side, Arkane will be polishing the game to a high luster with this extra time. The tweet mentions they are disappointed, but it gives them a little more breathing room to ensure the quality will be up to the studio’s usual standard. That’s a high standard to meet, and no one wants a bad game. It’s a win-win.

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Deathloop has an interesting hook. Your character Colt moves throughout a day trying to kill eight different targets on an island. The twist is that the island is experiencing a time loop that resets every time Colt dies. You’ll need to try different tactics to survive and break the loop while avoiding another assassin who is trying to kill you. It’s the Groundhog Day of assassin games, and it sounds cool.

It’s also coming exclusively to the PS5 (and PC), so it will hopefully show off our new favorite console’s raw power. The second quarter of 2021 will be here before you know it, and you’ll have plenty of games to play and ways to spend those gaming dollars to keep you busy until then.

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