December’s PS Plus Games Might Have Been Leaked… By Sony

December’s PS Plus Games Might Have Been Leaked… By Sony

Sony has accidentally let slip the surprise for what’s to come in December’s PS Plus update, or so it seems. The PlayStation Plus section of the PlayStation Store briefly showed two games: Invisible, Inc and Stories: The Path of Destinies. Oddly, the banner still said ‘November Monthly Games’ though we reckon this is a genuine cock-up by Sony.

November’s games have already been, so it looks like the two games shown in the image above were supposed to go live for December, but whoever is in charge of pressing the magical ‘PS Plus Games’ button hit it a little too soon.

Not a bad offering, then, but we’re sure people will complain nonetheless; it wouldn’t be normal if they didn’t, right? Expect Sony to fess up to December’s PS Plus games pretty soon.

Would you be happy to have these two games join your PS4’s library, or will you be venting your frustrations at the lack of Knack in your life? Leak all you like down in the comments section below.

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