Defiance 2050 Closed Beta Starts Next Month (NA)

The PS4 has had quite a few free-to-play games come to the console, and, before Defiance 2050 joins them this summer, they are holding a closed beta later in April. The online shooter will give gamers the chance to try the Assault class, collect alien tech, and fight off Hellbugs.

The alien technology crashes into the planet from orbiting ships. These arkfalls can give you sweet loot in co-op or PVP. Killing the Hellbugs just keeps them from eating your face, so that is an advantage too.

The closed beta runs from April 20th – 22nd, and you can sign up here. Oddly, only North American residents are eligible for the closed beta, but it may have something to do with server sorcery of some kind.

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Even more odd is the choice of dates. As you can see from these two stories by Laddie and Hannah (story 1 and story 2), we are clearing our schedules for what may be the biggest release of the year. Many people will be turning their PS4 into a dedicated God of War device, especially with 25-35 hours of gameplay.

For anyone else, this is a perfect opportunity to play a closed beta for a new shooter, before most people get their hands on it. It could be amazing. It’s definitely not the first time we have enjoyed a shooter while hunting for arks and finding loot.

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