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Degrees of Separation Gameplay Trailer May Leave You Hot and Cold

At least once in your life, you have been attracted to someone you couldn’t possibly be with due to some reason. Perhaps, it was even mutual, and you imagined yourselves a pair of star-crossed lovers. What if the source of the problem was a literal environmental repulsion that could even cause an explosion? (Good luck raising your hand on that last one, if you weren’t one of the X-Men.)

That’s the core idea in the story and mechanics in Degrees of Separation, and it’s demonstrated in a new gameplay trailer today. It shows the two characters, Rime, a boy from a frosty land, and Ember, a girl from a warm forest, as they move through the world and use their evolving barrier to solve puzzles and move closer to being able remove that which divides them.

Each level will focus on a different mechanic in this 2D platformer. In the trailer, the barrier could be solid to support one of them. In another area, it explodes and opens up routes or reveals some form of collectible. The way the barrier changes supports a theme in a level and reflects how the relationship between Rime and Ember changes.

Beyond the raw mechanics, Degrees of Separation has a little more to offer. The trailer mentions that the story is written by Chris Avellone. He has worked as a writer on Fallout: New Vegas, Pillars of Eternity, Divinity: Original Sin II, and plenty of classic CRPGs such as Planescape: Torment. The art style in the trailer is also lovely as it switches back and forth from it’s tale of fire and ice.

Degrees of Separation is launching on February 14th, and we will have our full thoughts ready in the review. Until then, we have a preview of the game coming very soon, so please stay tuned.

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