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Demo for Dungeon Crawler Mistover Available Now

I get a desire for dungeon crawlers every now and then that needs to be satisfied, so, when a new one is announced, I try to give it some attention. Mistover is one of the latest variations on the venerable genre to grace the PS4, and it’s a bit unique. First of all, there is demo for you to try, but it’s limited to only ten minutes. During that time frame, you must complete your expedition into the mist. I’m hoping that it’s replayable, to give you a feel for the game.

Those expeditions will undertaken by your Corps. This handpicked team will be composed of eight different classes. Their strengths and weaknesses will be balanced by your strategy. You can bolster their strength with new skills and new equipment you find, and you’ll need every advantage possible to survive.

Except you won’t. Permadeath is another way Mistover distinguishes itself from the competition. This is a hardcore strategy RPG, and heartfelt social connections with your team can’t prevent the end. The misty dungeons are a dangerous place. Fortunately, your recruiting is good, so you can add new members to your Corps when the others don’t make it back.

Your Corps is being sent down to the cheerfully named Pillar of Despair to confront a strange mist that impacts everything it touches. I mean everything. The monsters, plants, animals, equipment, items, and even your Corps members won’t escape unscathed. The levels are randomly generated, so it will keep you on your toes for the approximately 40 hours and five areas in the game.

You can see more of the game at TwitchCon, but the timed demo and trailer will (hopefully) give you a good idea of the gameplay. With a dark, cutesy art style and punishing difficulty, it may be just the dungeon crawler you need. You can pick up the full version of Mistover when it releases digitally on October 10.

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