Demon’s Souls Gameplay Trailer is a Beautiful Way to Die

Demon’s Souls is one of the true next-gen games coming to the PS5 at launch. Recreated by the talented Bluepoint Games, today’s gameplay trailer showcases a harsh world that looks absolutely stunning in motion. If you have a monitor or device that can support it, crank up the video’s resolution to see every detail.

According to the PlayStation Blog, those lovely details are taken from Stonefang, one of the five realms in Demon’s Souls. You’ll roam through mines and stab the miners digging for dragon bones. You’ll move through creepy caverns and fight what look like the worms from the movie Tremors. Wherever you fight in this area, death is a real possibility.

Spanning almost six minutes, the highlights of this gameplay trailer are the boss fights. After passing through a mist, you are immediately plunged into combat with a giant spider. It’s an intense fight with some strategy of when to attack and when to retreat to avoid your death. The second boss fight reminds me of the balrog from The Lord of the Rings, and you don’t see a victorious end to this encounter.

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The end of the trailer showcases more of the incredible design, art, and creatures you’ll kill or be killed by in Demon’s Souls. Even though you might miss it while fighting for your life, the music is also very nice. It looks like a great showcase for the capabilities of Sony’s next-gen machine, while allowing you the chance to relive your experiences with a classic game. It’s releasing on November 12th, and I’m guessing it will be a big hit for anyone who can manage to grab a PS5 at launch.

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