Descenders Promises The Ride Of Your Console’s Life

We’ve had motorbikes and dirt bikes. But now the PlayStation is getting itself some mountain biking action, thanks to “new” game Descenders. However, by the sounds of it, this will be anything but a gentle descent – after all, nothing player friendly ever comes from procedurally generated levels!

Where are the stabilisers when you need them?

Now, Descenders has been around for a year or two – though it has been freewheeling the hours away on other platforms up until now. But the title is finally getting itself a release on the PlayStation, and promises to bring with it all of the adrenaline filled gameplay it’s become known for.

In fact, comments online are more than positive.

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Players say that, yes, the graphics are a little basic. But the physics are both realistic and enjoyable. The game is challenging, especially considering how no two trails are the same and the camera sits behind the rider. But altogether they form a very refreshing take on an almost forgotten genre.

Couple that with a completely licensed soundtrack, an online-linked reputation system and unlockables, and I think they’re on to a winner.

Will you fall head over handlebars in love with Descenders? If I’m honest, I think you just might! Meanwhile, keep your eyes peeled for a release date – when we know, you will.

Source: The Sixth Axis

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