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Desolation of Mordor Expansion and Free Updates Sneaking Onto Middle-earth: Shadow of War Today

There are some huge updates for Middle-earth: Shadow of War today. First, the Desolation of Mordor expansion is available. This is the second story content update after the Blade of Galadriel. In this tale from the Mordor-lands, you are the captain of the fallen city of Minas Ithil, Baranor. You need a few hardcore mercs to handle some orcs in the new region of Lithlad. You are not interested in a peaceful negotiation.

Along with the new story, new region and a new fortress, you will have new tools. Baranor will join forces with Torvin the Dwarf. He hunts the Were-Wyrms in Lithlad, and he makes Baranor some fancy new equipment. The trailer shows a transforming shield that can ignite and a kite that lets Baranor glide from heights.

The story content has been discounted on the PSN store today, so you can grab both expansions for less.

The free updates are fairly large and will change the game. Middle-earth: Shadow of War will not allow players to purchase gold. If you still have gold, you can spend it until July 17th. This is a nice and surprising change. For anyone who has been on the fence, you can jump into the game and not worry about buying gold.

The Nemesis System and difficulty will also be receiving some improvements and updates. Overlords will now have bodyguards. Like the warchiefs, they can send spies. Brutal Difficulty will be just as punishing as Gravewalker difficulty, but damage, might, and fury generation will be increased.

The new expansion will add more to Photomode. Beyond some new stickers, filters, and styles, you will be able to take pictures of Baranor. The new character skin can be used in the main campaign.

Finally, the online modes will let you have your own digital fight club. When you want to punch a friend in the pits or in conquest mode, you can search for them by name. Whether it’s in Mordor or in a dimly light basement with Brad Pitt and Edward Norton, you are calling them out for a fight.

These are some big changes for a game that has been out for a while. Do you intend to jump back into Middle-earth: Shadow of War? Let us know your thoughts on the changes and updates in the comments.

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