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Desperados 3 is Having a Very Limited Closed Beta, Sign Up and Cross Your Fingers

Old school real-time tactics games are making a comeback! Yay! A Commandos 2 remaster is in the works for PC and PS4, but Desperados 3 is also a thing. God bless 2019.

For those who missed the wagon when Desperados was a big thing on PC in the early 2000s, here’s a quick run down of what the game is: Desperados is a real-time tactics game set in the old Wild West. It’s played from an isometric top-down perspective. You control a gang of outlaws and you must plan your missions perfectly for the best chance of success. Each character has special abilities, so getting to know your dastardly clan is vital.

All of the above was true for Desperados and its follow-up, so I’ll assume it’s true for Desperados 3. I and other fans of the series will be sorely disappointed if it’s not…

I guess we’ll have the chance to find out later this month as that’s when the developers will be hosting a closed beta, though it will be very, very limited. How limited? Just 500 players will be accepted into the closed beta. If you get in, play the lottery you lucky sonuva bitch.

The closed beta will start on July 9th and finish on July 21st. If you want to throw your hat into the ring, you can apply for the closed beta through here. I’d wish you good luck, but that’d mean we’re in competition. Bad luck, everyone!

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