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Desperados III Delivers Double-Barreled Dose of Trailers

If you’ve missed info on Desperados III, the developers are ready to bring you up to speed with a new explanation trailer. It starts by letting you know it’s a real-time, tactical stealth game and a prequel to the franchise. It sets up the story of John Cooper and his gang. That gang is filled with a dangerous group of hombres who each have a particular role to fill.

Each member of the gang is useful, and you’ll need to combine abilities to make the most progress. Abilities include the usual sneaking or blasting with your six-gun, slamming an ax into your enemies, distracting them, and even using curses to control them. Environmental kills are built into each level, and it won’t make anyone suspicious.

The stealthy approach will keep you alive. This includes hiding bodies and staying out of vision cones to keep alarms from being raised. Those alarms bring reinforcements, and they keep patrolling after the alarm has been forgotten. If you get tired of stealth, there is a setting to turn the game into a tactical shooter if that’s more your speed.

That trailer is up top, but the fourth dev diary is at the bottom. It’s a behind the scenes look at game development from the team at Mimimi Games. They talk about their roles, and it’s a deeper look at Desperados III. I’m enjoying this growing trend of dev diaries, because it really does let you know what they were thinking and how much thought goes into even minor decisions. If you like them or want more explanation after the explanation trailer, check this one out.

We are less than a month away from Desperados III release. Hitting the dusty trail on June 16th, you’ll be able to guide your gang through adventures in Louisiana, Mexico, and the Old West.

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