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Destiny 2 Expansion Warmind Available Tomorrow

Destiny 2’s second expansion, Warmind, is available tomorrow. You will have to get your buns of steel (or whatever materials you use for butt armor) to Mars. There are secrets to be uncovered at the polar ice caps with new locations, new relic weapons, new co-op activites, and new story missions. The Nokris enemies will also be burrowing out of the ice to greet you.

What can you do in the expansion? The new ritual activity is the escalation protocol. This pits you against waves of progressively harder foes with new rewards every week. The Strange Terrain strike lets you take down the glowing Herald of Xol or another baddie in Will of the Thousands.

The story mission focuses on a warmind named Rasputin. It is a powerful weapon and AI that can think independently. No one knows what it wants, but you are the space janitor that will have to clean up the mess.

Even if you don’t want the expansion, there is a new pretty trailer to watch with plenty of action, shooty bits, and tense dialogue. Give it a watch, and let us know if you plan to storm the ice caps of Mars tomorrow.

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