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Destiny 2 Free Trial Starts Tomorrow

Destiny 2 will start a free trial for PS Plus members tomorrow. You can jump into the campaign, a first for the series, and retake your once happy home from the Red Legion. No spoilers, but we are hoping they clean up and repair the damage after a very sincere apology. They fear a law suit. PR is tough enough as a member of the Cabal. (And this is why we don’t write stories for games.)

The free trial will not be limited to the single player. You and other guardians can also live out your Destiny (har har) in multiplayer and engage in all the challenges it has to offer.

We are not sure how much of the game will be open, but any progress will transfer to the full version. It is currently on sale now, but we expect to see a discount running for the rest of the week. Why would you buy at full price after still reeling from the Black Friday discounts?

If you are still on Destiny 2 fence, you can check out Stuart’s glowing review here, and be sure to check out Hannah’s article on the changes and improvements Bungie has planned for Destiny 2. They have another live stream scheduled for November 29th, so we may have some big updates to share in the future.

Until then, give the free trial a…trial and see if it is yet another game added to your backlog.

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