Destiny 2 PS4 Download Size Revealed on PlayStation Store

You’re aching for everything Destiny 2, aren’t you? That’s why you’re here reading about the download size of Bungie’s latest shooter. It’s a pretty mundane story, to be honest, but we know that you Destiny 2 nuts will gobble up everything.

The download size for the digital version of Destiny 2 has been revealed to be 30.87GB on the PlayStation Network, so almost 31GB. As usual, we suggest that you check you’ve got adequate hard drive space to store the game if you intend to go for the digital copy, though it’s probably worth bearing in mind that the initial 31GB will balloon in size over time thanks to updates, expansions and the like.

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Destiny 2 is due to release on September 6th for PS4. You can nab your copy digitally, or you can grab a pre-order here from Amazon.

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