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Destiny 2 Will Be Making the Leap onto PS5, But Does Anyone Want It?

With Microsoft leaving Sony behind in the big reveals, we’re starting to hear second-hand news about the PlayStation 5 and its accompanying paraphernalia. One such nugget of information is that Destiny 2 will be getting a next-generation release. But, wouldn’t we all rather a third instalment instead?

Now, it’s true that whenever we say goodbye to a certain console, there are always recycled games being released again. And some of these make great financial sense to the publishing teams – just look at the success of Grand Theft Auto V. However, of all the games we could have seen, potentially as a launch title, Destiny 2 was probably not on the top of our list. Heck, I’d even go to say it would be missing altogether off most.

That’s because the game failed to reach the heights enjoyed by the first. And things have only gone from bad to worse since its launch. Players have been leaving the ‘ship’ in droves and countless complaints/suggestions have gone unheard. It was a game of such potential, but that never lived up to it. Or the hype. So, simply to re-release it, albeit with improved textures and frame rates, doesn’t really excite me. But there’s something else…

Sony have confirmed the console will be backwards compatible. Not with every game (unfortunately), but with at least 100 of this generation’s top games at launch. And to me, this must include the aforementioned Destiny 2, which begs the question – why would anyone want to buy it twice? It could be the team are trying to capitalise on a new market. But everyone knows how disappointing Destiny 2 is – and no amount of marketing can erase that. And, yes, it will have native improvements to its performance. But it will also have a price tag to match. So, however you look at it, it’s hardly incentivising, is it?

Anyway, more details are coming soon.

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