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Destroy All Humans! Remake Celebrates Independence Day By Blowing Humanity to Bits

THQ Nordic and Black Forest Games are bringing the July 4th fireworks early this year with a new trailer for the Destroy All Humans! remake, featuring – yes, you guessed it – humans getting their comeuppance from an alien race.

Unfortunately, the developers didn’t go the whole hog and properly parody the famous Independence Day movie, but it’s a nice trailer all the same, and it comes with some silly words from the fictional “Furon Handbook of Infiltration and Invasions”:

“Cut off the Snake’s Head”. When preparing a hostile planet for a Furon Invasion, it is key to attack the chain of command of the enemy society. Locate the seat of the enemy leader or government and burn it to the ground, including said leader or government. This will throw defending forces into disarray and shock the inhabitants of the target planet. Shocked inhabitants are not able to form a noteworthy resistance (See Page 122, Chapter 18 of this handbook).”

Bonkers, aren’t they?

Destroy All Humans! will release on July 28th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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