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Destroy All Humans! Special Editions Are Out of This World

The remake for Destroy All Humans! releases next year, but you can pre-order two different special editions now. They are pretty fancy with prices to match, so let’s start with the cheaper one first. The DNA Collector’s Edition will cost $149.99/€149.99/£139.99, and it comes with the following:

  • Destroy All Humans! game
  • Crypto’N’Cow figurine
  • Keychain
  • 6 Lithographs
  • Eye-popping stress toy
  • Premium box
  • All in-game Crypto skins

The approximate measurements for the figurine are 23cm / 9″ high. It looks good, but it may not be as premium as you need.

If you’re feeling like a really big spender, you can purchase the Crypto-137 Edition for $399.99/€399.99/£349.99. What does all that cheddar buy? Well, you’ll get the 6 lithographs, keychain, stress toy, in-game skins, and game. It differs by giving you the following:

  • Crypto-137 figurine
  • Crypto backpack
  • Much bigger premium box

The Crypto-137 figurine’s dimensions are approximately 60cm / 23″ high and 30cm / 12″ diagonal, so he’s a big boy. The picture shows the top of the globe in his hand is transparent, but that’s not accurate. It also doesn’t come with brain juice. Whether that’s actual juice from the human brain or just the little toy they have in the globe is not specifically mentioned, but I would assume both just to be safe. There are no dimensions listed for the backpack, but you could always put your own brain juice in there.

Both of these special editions will be available from “selected retailers”. According to the game’s official site, that’s only Amazon US and Amazon UK so far, but the listings are live, even though we don’t know when it will release in 2020.

Check out the trailers and screenshots for both, and let me know if you’ll be throwing your money at one of these special editions of the Destroy All Humans! remake.

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