Destruction AllStars Gets a Photo Mode in its Latest Update, Patch Notes Here

Destruction AllStars wants you to record the carnage you create with its all-new photo mode. It’s a feature that is included in its latest patch, which went live today on the PlayStation 5. And that means you have little reason not to give it a spin right now. 

Destruction AllStars on the PlayStation 5 has received a new update today, which brings with it a much loved feature. And it’s all ready now for your enjoyment as the patch is officially live. So, if you had been hoping for an opportunity to capture your best driving action shots, then look no further – a photo mode is now available within the game. But the patch might also have a few other goodies up its sleeve, too..

Not much has been shared about the camera – technically speaking. We know it will be available in any single player mode, whereby pausing and accessing the menu will put you behind the lens; nothing new there. But then nothing has been said about what filters are included for customisation or whether you even have complete free rein on where you want to take the shot from.

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It’s all a little vague, you see.

However, despite those queries, we do know what else will be added alongside the camera in this 2GB patch. For starters, a new story mode is being added to Destruction AllStars (centred on Ratu). Plus, an annoying scoring bug has been fixed, meaning you should be rewarded in full for your carnage. And then there’s the whole issue of progression, which should now work as intended.

You can read the full (yet short) patch notes below, possibly in one breath – though that isn’t a challenge:

  • Added Photo Mode to Destruction AllStars
    • Photo mode can be accessed from the pause menu in all single-player modes
    • Share your photos with us on Twitter – tag us on Twitter @PlayDestruction!
  • Added Ratu’s Story Mode to Destruction AllStars
    • Available for 400 Destruction Points
  • Fixed vehicle collisions not awarding score points to players
  • Fixed players not being able to buy the AllStar Pass
  • Back-end changes made to mitigate & improve the challenges not progressing issue.

Source: Reddit

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