Destruction AllStars Release Moved to February 2021 and Will Be Free on PS Plus for Two Months

Game release dates are constantly being pushed back, and Destruction AllStars is the latest game to be pushed. The announcement was made on the PlayStation Blog today. Originally slated for release in November, it will now be hitting consoles in February 2021 to make sure “as many people as possible to experience the mayhem on PS5.” Translation: “We won’t have enough PS5s in November for this game to have a ghost of a chance at success.” Will we have enough PS5 stock in the wild by February?

There is an upside to the delay. The game will be included for free for all PlayStation Plus members for two months. This will give it a big crowd at release, but it does make me wonder. Is this the first game on PlayStation Plus that is only available for a limited time? Will we have two other games that we can “keep” as part of the subscription? Is this a look at the future of PS Plus with more big games coming in and out, or is this a blending of PS Plus and PS Now? I have so many questions.

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There will be an update on the game with a new trailer and details next week. For people who pre-ordered the game on the PlayStation Store,, or at retail, you will receive a refund. PlayStation refunds are pretty rare too, so this is quite the event.

No matter what this means, it’s nice to have more games on PS Plus where people can enjoy them, give them more life, and see Sony adding more value to the subscription.

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