Destruction AllStars Story Modes and Challenges are Microtransactions

As part of February 2021’s PS Plus lineup, Lucid Games is releasing its online vehicular combat game Destruction AllStars onto the service, as well as being a full-priced $70 release. You would expect, then, that those who buy the game are getting the complete package, and that those who get it as part of PS Plus, it’s just a great bargain. That may not be the case… at least for the paying players.

In the latest State of Play, Lucid Games explains that there are two in-game currencies: AllStar Points and Destruction Points, with the former being earned in-game, and the latter being a paid product from the PlayStation Store.

That in itself isn’t all that offensive and it’s commonplace these days. However, Challenge Series Events, which act like the popular battle pass system that some games employ, are paid for by Destruction Points only. This means that even if you’ve thrown down $70 on the full game, you’ll have to pay more to get everything out of your game.

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These Challenge Series Events aren’t just throwaway content; they provide gameplay trials, challenges, and even backstory for each of the playable characters. So if you want to know why that particular character runs around with a bag over his head, you’re going to have to pay to find out.

Lucid Games did state that players will be able to earn Destruction Points as they play, though that’s not expected until an unspecified date “later this year”. In other words, once they’ve figured out what proportion of players will buy them and how to feed them to players who choose to grind rather than pay.

It’s a poor showing from the game before it has even released, so we’ll see how Lucid Games reacts.

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