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Detroit: Become Human Teaches Us All A Valuable Lesson

Detroit: Become Human was a late entry to this month’s PS Plus line up (poor PES). But it has already proven a wise decision by those in charge. In fact, it has left the entire community feeling as though they actually have a say on how things play out. Unfortunately, the game also gives us that power – with less satisfying consequences.

You see, we humans think we’ve got this life malarkey all figured out. To the point where we criticise characters in movies or on the television for making ridiculous choices we would never be so silly to make. But the truth is, those imbecilic scripts are actually a good representation of the world around us. And we’d easily become gibbering wrecks in situations where the number of choices exceed one or pressure is pumped past a single PSI.

And that’s exactly what Detroit: Become Human proves. Don’t believe me? Then fire up the decision-led game, or better yet, take Reddit’s word for it. Because this is an emotional rollercoaster that holds no punches. Where decisions need to be made, often in the spur of the moment. And good intentions rarely result in a favourable outcome.

In fact, some of your most considered and full hearted actions will be the worst ones you ever make.

Are you finding the game more Detroit: Become Dead rather than Detroit: Become Human? Choose to comment in the box below.

Source: Reddit

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