Detroit is the Fourth Character in Detroit: Become Human

Detroit is the Fourth Character in Detroit: Become Human

Are you ready for another huge exclusive game on the PS4? Who cares? It’s coming anyway, and we are looking forward to making a choices and second-guessing them at every turn.

Detroit: Become Human has been giving us trailers like little breadcrumbs that lead up to the release. Today, the game’s writer and director, David Cage, explained why Detroit was the ideal setting for his latest game. Detroit’s history follows the ideas in his game. At one time, it was a booming city full of production jobs. Later, it plunged into some low times and many of those jobs left the area.

With the advent of the modern android, Detroit is back, baby. Production is high. Profits are high. Androids are taking over many sectors of the economy, and the team at Quantic Dream tried to understand how that would impact people at opposite ends of the economic spectrum.

They also needed a believable world for their game. It’s not set hundreds of years in the future. It’s really only about 20 years. The team has pondered the current trajectory of technology to make it something we would realistically see. (No flying cars, Marty.)

Despite so many still writing a dirge for single player gaming, Detroit: Become Human is a narrative-heavy game that does not rely on an open world (nothing wrong with that, just saying) that is exclusive to the PS4. We don’t know whether it’s good or bad, but we look forward to finding out when it hits shelves on May 25th.

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