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Deus Ex Mankind Divided Story DLC Dropping September 23rd

Not only has Square Enix announced the release date for the first story driven DLC for Mankind Divided but its details as well. On September 23rd, PlayStation 4 owners will be able to purchase System Rift for $11.99 or download for free if you have the Season Pass.

In System Rift, you’ll get back together with Frank Pritchard, Adam Jensen’s friend and former co-worker at Sarif Industries from Deus Ex Human Revolution. Frank is desperate for information for an undisclosed reason and wants to target a Palisade Blade inside the Palisade Bank. Adam agrees to help because he may finally uncover information as to who the Illuminati really are. Plus, finding out why they’ve been interested in him for two full games now.

If you happen to be at PAX West, head on over to the Hydra Theater on Saturday, September 3rd at 3pm. Andreas Apergis, Frank Pritchard voice actor, will be discussing the System Rift DLC and his character’s return to the Deus Ex universe.

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