Developers Explain Why PS5 SSD is Going to Be a Game Changer

Yesterday’s tech breakdown of Sony’s PS5 may have left most of us a little disappointed, given that it really was just a lecture that was aimed towards developers and not us consumers, but some good has come out it anyway.

The PS5’s oddly-sized SSD is the big thing that developers are talking about right now, and apparently the power differential between the PS5 and Xbox Series X could be mitigated by the design of the PS5’s SSD.

Developers have taken to Twitter to share what it means for game creators and, ultimately, the people who will end up enjoying their games. Thankfully, there’s very little tech jargon in use and it’s easy enough for us normal folk to understand.

In short, the PS5’s custom SSD will get the most use by first-party developers who are working exclusively to the PS5 console, and that it means game worlds can be made denser with more graphical effects, and with minimal loading or stuttering. Ultimately, this should mean we see game worlds the likes of which just aren’t possible on current console hardware. It’s weird, isn’t it? Getting so excited about an SSD? Hasn’t stopped me from buying one for my PC today…

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