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Development on a New Commandos Game is Officially Underway

It’s happening; we are finally going to see the return of the classic strategy RPG series Commandos as Kalypso Media Group has announced that a new game in the series is now officially in production at Claymore Studios.

In recent times we’ve had Commandos 2 HD Remastered release on PC, with a console release set for the near future, but the news that we’re getting a brand new entry is massive. This won’t be a remaster or a remake, but instead a brand new, built from the ground up experience taking advantage of modern technology and lessons learned in game design.

Simon Hellwig, founder and CEO of the Kalypso Media Group, said:

“I am very happy that the starting-phase of our new internal studio and the new Commandos is on time. We are on track to deliver the best possible Commandos game and will put in all effort to create a great game experience for PC and next-gen consoles, worthy of the franchise’s heritage.”

Claymore Game Studios Director Jürgen Reusswig adds: “We are very pleased to confirm that we managed to have both the core team and our new offices up-and-running within this short timeframe. We have started development and we’re looking forward to adding more talented staff to our team in the coming months and thereby offering the chance to become an integral part of making an iconic strategy game.”

While it is no double exciting for fans of the long-dormant franchise, it’s likely going to be a while before we see the fruits of Claymore Studios’ labour. Expect to see the new Commandos game drop on the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

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