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Devolver Direct 2020: Fall Guys – Ultimate Knockout Coming August 4th

Despite its usual delightfully mature content, today’s Devolver Direct showed a cartoony and E rated multiplayer game in Fall Guys – Ultimate Knockout. Announced with a guest appearance by Shuhei Yoshida, it pits up to 60 players in a last of whatever those things are standing mode. There are obstacles to overcome and dodge including rolling giant bananas and moving platforms to keep your guys falling.

It doesn’t help to be a winner if you don’t look good doing it. The trailer shows a lot of customization options for players. The “snazzy” outfits can be won and earned in the game, and they are just as colorful and wacky as the rest of the trailer.

The light-hearted game will stumble onto the PS4 on August 4th. Check out the trailer for a look at all the excitement and action in motion.


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