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Dick Wilde 2 Releasing in February on PSVR, Supports Cross-Play With PC VR

PlayStack and Bolverk Games have announced today that Dick Wilde 2 is getting a sequel – Dick Wilde 2, and it’s coming out next month on PS4 (PSVR only) and PC (VR only). What’s more is that PSVR and PC players will be able to play together this time around, but more on that in a moment.

For those who don’t know what Dick Wilde is, it’s a PSVR shooter that tasks players with surviving waves of dangerous foes. You face off against crocodiles, sharks, piranhas, seagulls, and more. It’s a damn fun game and I gave it a glowing review back when it released on PSVR, and it sounds like Dick Wilde 2 is going to take things up to the next level.

According to the press release, players will have more ways to play in Dick Wilde 2. There will be more power-ups, screen-filling fearsome boss fights, and a wider range of difficulty settings so that new players can scale up accordingly, and the hardcore nutjobs can just jump straight to the hardest setting and get a sweat on.

“Dick Wilde has felt like a member of the family from when we first met him.” said Harvey Elliott, CEO at PlayStack. “We are so glad to be teaming up again with Bolvërk Games for Dick Wilde 2 and are excited for another high-action and rewarding coop experience”.

“Our fans made Dick Wilde a success and we’re doing everything we can to give them all that they want in the sequel,” said Bo Bennekov at Bolvërk Games. “We are so proud that Dick Wilde 2 features online VR co-op – it was our most requested feature and a lot of hard work, but we know players are going to love shooting mutated piranhas with a buddy by their side.”

Just like the original, Dick Wilde 2 will support the PSVR Aim controller, but it’ll also still support the PS Move controllers, too. DualShock 4’s can be rested with this one.

Dick Wilde 2 will release on PSVR and PC sometime in February, 2019. There’s no date attached to the game as of yet, but keep an eye out on Pure PlayStation and you’ll know as soon as we do.

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