Dick Wilde 2 Won’t Feature PS4 Pro Support, Will Be Much Easier Than Original Game

One of the first VR shooters I reviewed here on Pure PlayStation was the weird and wonderful Dick Wilde. The game is a static wave shooter, but damn did it leave a good first impression. The developers behind the game have been busy working on its sequel which is due to release sometime in the next few weeks, and in an effort to get more in-touch with their potential customers, the studio has been hosting a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything).

The game’s community manager, Kiron, has been busy answering questions over on Reddit, and from there we can gather a few extra details that were left out of the initial press release announcing the game.

For one, Dick Wilde 2 will cost $19.99. The original game released for $15.99 back in 2017, however, Dick Wilde 2 does feature multiplayer – a feature missing from the first game. There’s also the hint that there may be a special price around launch. This isn’t unusual – many games get a PS Plus discount for the first week, so it could be that it’ll get a bit of a discount for Plus members upon release.

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The real bad news, however, is that there isn’t PS4 Pro support. That’s not terrible given the fact that not many people own the PS4 Pro, but it’s still a bit of a bummer for those who do. That said, it’s possible a PS4 Pro patch could be deployed in the future, but if Dick Wilde 2 is anything like the original, it won’t really need it – the first game looked superb, and I was only playing on a PS4 Slim back then.

One complaint many had with the first Dick Wilde is that it was really quite difficult. And it was, I’ll tell you that much. I moved around and sweated my way through to the end of the game, but it wasn’t an easy ride and it often felt a little too tough. The good news is that Dick Wilde 2 will not be as hard as the original as the developers want players to see the entire game, not just a slice of it. However, hardcore Dick Wilde veterans may get a harder difficulty in a future update post-launch.

Source: Reddit

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