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Die by the Blade Gets Some New Developer Gameplay Videos Inspired By Ghost of Tsushima

Die by the Blade, the sword game where one hit will kill you, is coming to PlayStation and Xbox consoles (PS5? Xbox Series X?) and PC next year. Before then, the developer is hoping to get would-be players on board with the game by releasing a series of developer gameplay diaries.

Triple Hill Interactive, the developer of Die by the Blade, has released a short series of video blogs to introduce us to the game, the action, the development process, and just about everything else. They’re decent videos and well worth a watch if you’re interested in Die by the Blade. If you’re not, then, er, watch our Crash Bandicoot 4 video instead.

The developer will be releasing more videos in the run-up to the game’s Kickstarter going live on October 13th.

About Die by the Blade

Die by the Blade draws inspiration from legendary combat games like Bushido Blade, Way of the Samurai and Dark Souls as well as the epic stand-offs in Ghost of Tsushima. Set in a visually stunning ‘Samurai-punk’ vision of Japan, Die by the Blade fuses techpunk visuals and Japanese-inspired aesthetics to create the perfect backdrop for the ancient art of sword-fighting. Players must take up their sword and face off against deadly opponents, where the slightest mistake will seal your fate. Become a master of your craft and fight to the death with other players in tense, fast-paced multiplayer matches or slash through tough AI enemies in the singleplayer campaign.

By utilising a One-Hit-Kill combat system, Die by the Blade leaves no room for mistakes. By removing the concepts of health bars and health points, the game is built on a realistic battle system creating a sense of real tension as one error by the player could result in instant death. This system emphasizes the need for weapon positioning, parrying and counter moves to defend against enemy attacks before delivering a clean hit to any vital area of your opponent, causing instant death. Players must use the One-Hit-Kill system to learn from their mistakes and mount devastating comebacks to claim victory.

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